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The last thing you want are fly-by-night CCTV installers putting in your security systems. At Securitech, we have been providing, installing, maintaining and monitoring indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance systems for domestic and commercial property owners in and around Auckland for the past 25 years. Not only do we know what works, we also understand how to go about getting the best results: we’re proven and reliable.

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With growing concerns about safety and security, CCTV is increasingly becoming relied upon as an effective way to monitor remote, concealed or vulnerable areas for both business premises and residential property. We have found CCTV to be exceptional in assisting with workplace safety.

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Why get CCTV at your place?

Think of it as a remote security guard, giving you 24/7 surveillance, and comprehensive records of access and activity at your property, or surrounds. You’re far less likely to be targeted by criminals if your property has an effective camera system in place. After all, if you were a criminal, which would you target: the house or business with cameras or the one without?

Security upgrade

CCTV is an excellent upgrade to existing alarm or detection monitoring systems, providing you with additional security through both recorded and real-time footage. Our CCTV installers will carry out a thorough security assessment of your property, so we can best install the surveillance system for maximum coverage and protection.

Get protection
& peace of mind

We recommend CCTV to anyone who has high-value property or assets. If you’d like to discuss how this system could work for your premises, get in touch via email or call. We’re happy to provide a no-obligation consultation to chat over your CCTV surveillance requirements.

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