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Securitech is a leading provider of security, surveillance, access control and network infrastructure systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties across Auckland.

Security of your property doesn’t start at the front door, it starts well before that at the boundary of your property.  So why would you choose a security company that can only secure part of your property.

Securitech is a true one stop Security, IT, Technology provider. With solutions from perimeter security like fences and gates, physical security with locks and bolts and electronic security such as surveillance cameras and alarm system to network infrastructure and Wi-Fi solutions.  We are the all in one company to secure and optimise your property.

Security and privacy are important for creating safe and comfortable work or living environments. Protect your property – and the people in it – by reducing vulnerabilities and securing your most important assets with custom security solutions.

Professional design and installation

With over 25 years’ experience in supplying, designing, installing and monitoring professional security and access control solutions. We are the security company our clients knows they can trust.

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Electronic security that’s up with the times

As technology and trends in home design and automation change, we’ve remained agile and innovative in both our products, and our ability to implement them to best benefit you.

Security solutions to suit

In a changing world, safety and security are paramount, but we believe that it shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort or style. Whether it’s a simple front door lock, or a market-leading integrated security and surveillance system, we help ensure that while it’s the most effective system for your needs, it doesn’t impede on lifestyle, aesthetics or business operations. 

Trusted technology

As a full-service security and technology provider, Securitech offers an extensive range of high-quality products and advanced technologies sourced from global industry leaders. Combined with our flexible, tailored service, you can trust your entire property is always protected, whether you’re on-site, or away. We are the security company to call for reliable security solutions that work when they’re needed to.

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If the safety or security of your property has been on your mind, don’t leave it until it’s too late.  Get in touch to chat to our team of security consultants. We offer no-obligation consultations to discuss your concerns and assess your requirements.

Get protection and peace of mind. 

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